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Reinvent Yourself or Accept the Consequence

If anyone thinks COVID-19 is going away soon, then you may live under rocks. Either that or you are doing what many people do when faced with a situation above their comfort zones; they ignore it.

Let me correct that.

They ignore it as if it does not directly affect their lives, or they get swallowed whole because they failed to prepare.

Well, how can anyone prepare for an event like COVID-19 they did not plan on? Sadly, and I know this sucks to say, but ignorance offers no protections in modern society.

Because of failure to prepare for the worst, many people have lost so much by recent events.

Businesses have shut down, jobs eliminated, homes foreclosed on and deaths. Many have no food, medicine or prospects for improvement. Sadly, these people depend on over burdened agencies to assist, which is sometimes hit or miss.

Sure, many people need to depend on the system for their livelihood. There is no shame is requesting help when it is necessary. But problems occur when co-dependency becomes the only option.

There are fewer opportunities to make a decent living than ever today. Excluding the entertainment industry, unless one is tech talented, has big-time social gifts, or is gorgeous by social standards, he or she will have a hard time making ends meet.

This is especially more likely with the rapid advancement in technology that is eliminating human jobs and the drive for corporations to become more efficient with less spending.

Some may say, it’s not personal; it’s the nature of capitalism and I would agree, but that means it’s time for the average person to stop playing the nice guy. For any able-bodied person, young or old, now is the time to re-invent yourself even if it frightens you.

What’s worst?

Getting expelled from a society that is advancing rapidly where in a few years’ time many people will perish, or lighting a fire to your backside by breaking past comfort zones that hold us back from doing better.

Re-inventing yourself is especially necessary if you are no longer seen as youthful to social ideals. So if you are older, there is nothing left to do but whatever it takes to soar.

No one will help you achieve lofty goals, for the most part, if you are past society’s definition of the “prime years.”

Even young people are getting left behind if they do not put in the work to re-invent themselves. This means that young people need to stop pretending they are superstars with false social media bravado and face reality. It’s a joke on you.

Sometimes we must do things we dislike as a stepping stone to improve our lives. No one said breaking our comfort zone is easy or fun.

Stop complaining about the changes taking place and start focusing on becoming a better version of you. You deserve to live well. You deserve to feel hopeful. It’s time to get up or shut up.

During these uncertain times with COVID-19, civil unrest, job loss and more, the theme becomes reinvent yourself or accept the consequence.

Sadly, many people have already. What are you going to do about it?


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