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Over the Hill is a Choice not a Destination

How many of you reading this article consider yourselves "over-the-hill" and living your life is no longer an activity worth your time?

Over-the-hill in this context has nothing to do with age; It has everything to do with attitude.

There are men with family and nagging partners who make it clear what your role is to the family.

Chances are if you a wife’s boy, then sadly, you no longer lead unless it involves the entire family-if they let you.

For some men, wearing the wife's apron strings is fine.

There is nothing wrong with putting family first!

Sometimes the wife or girlfriend may even become the bread-winner, which in my personal experiences creates havoc within the household.

Most women feel awkward leading the way unless there is an understood arrangement or unique relationship dynamic where the woman and man are biologically and psychologically wired differently.

And some guys have no life. And are too weak to step up, even if their happiness depends on it. These type men, I mean boys ruin the psyche of many women.


They play the victim and lack motivation.

Sadly, many of these men end up on drugs, incarcerated or always in a jam.

Men who could do more, but choose no ambitions beyond the most simplistic life needs drain society.

These guys are often easy to spot because they get caught up at the wrong place at the wrong time and always make excuses.

Men who consider themselves "over-the-hill," but who do little else with their lives other than the most basic tasks, are men in trouble who cause trouble.

Unless there are extenuating circumstances or severe health conditions, there is no reason for men of any age not to compete at something outside their comfort zone.

Chasing women does not count and can be a serious liability when your life isn’t in order.

Quality women seek high value, quality men-not lost pups unless she has issues too.

Fellas listen up!

You have one life!

Make the best of it because you attract what you are!

You can experience improved relationships in all areas of your life if you to the work on improving your attitude. Over-the-hill is a choice, not a destination.

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