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Updated: Aug 16, 2020

How many of us have real friends?

No, I am not speaking of the garden variety, fair weather types of friends who oddly are never there when we need them, but always miraculously lurk in our orbits when they want something like a good meal, money, sex, validation or a place to crash.

It isn’t a bad thing understanding there are about as many pedigrees of “friendship” as there are people in our lives, but in my earnest views most people use the term friendship too loosely because they do not understand what real friendship looks and feels like.

The Facebook, Instagram, pseudo definition of friendship often defines a “friend” as anyone who follows, likes and sometimes even those who troll our post leaving silly, or nasty comments.

Sure, it may impress many that Fly Guy Sam or Hidden Away Helen combined have 8,000 plus friends on Facebook, but of those friends how many of them could Sam or Helen call on if either was in a dire situation such as having their feet cemented in a bucket while about to meet the bottom of a lake?

Lighten up reader, I’m kidding—-just testing the hypothetical waters, but realistically what percentage of those 8,000 plus “friends” would be there for Sam or Helen even if they needed a favor?

Arguably, very few would be there.

Getting back to the focal point, I am not writing this as a sour grapes example.

Each of us has a different definition of what friendship is to us. And platforms like Facebook definitely serves a social space which makes the world a smaller more accessible place.

I even met a “beastie” on the Facebook platform.

My point is social media has created a stopwatch effect where the very nature of what friendship means has reduced into a virtual space defined by a click.

There is much more to establishing a friendship with others than clicking a like button or making comments on a post.

Genuine friendship is a marathon dance.

It is a give and take all the time, even when we don’t feel like doing shit. It’s about weathering storms with one another and sometimes giving out tough-ass love despite the push-back.

Friendship is about caring for another person without the desire to receive anything in return to name a few…

Most of all, developing a genuine friendship is about wanting to be there through both good and bad times, dealing with quirks that drive us mad, crying together, laughing together, sharing and loving each through it all.

Imperfections, smelly feet and everything else. (But friends don’t let friends leave the crib with smelly feet. Wash your smelly dogs man)!

Sometimes people marry their best friends and other times best friends outlast lovers, losers and broken romances.

Hey, neither life nor any of us are perfect, but with a genuine friendship shared, it’s about as close to perfect as humans can be.

In closing, do you ever ask yourself what does it mean to be friends?


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